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My 5-year old son and I began seeing Ms. Carol last year when I was at the end of my rope. Undiagnosed at the time, my son was having severe behavior problems at school, daily, and it seemed like no amount of encouragement or discipline was helping. I was getting phone calls from his teachers all the time and constantly had to pick him up from school so he could be removed from the classroom. Not only did Ms. Carol work diligently with my son, she paired him with a “big brother”, assisted us with getting the help he needed to be successful, but she also helped me, as a single mom, to deal and cope with ADHD and the effects it has on all of us, emotionally and spiritually. Now, all I can do is grin from ear to ear when my little one comes home with happy faces, gold stars and praises from his teacher, and watch him as he swells with pride. I can honestly say that our lives have changed as a result of our sessions with Ms. Carol Watler!

Patient AR

When I met Carol I knew I made the right choice. I love that she is so real, she notice the issues and help you see it so you can understand so you can fix it. I felt as she was my personal friend that understands who I am. Carol helped me become a better person. She helped my relationship to where we both learned how to listen, to appreciate each other and make the best of our relationship. I learned so much from Carol and I will always recommend any of my friends to her because I know they will walk out of her office feeling better about their situation.

Patient FB

I truly believe that had God not led my now husband and I to Carol when he did…I would be in a different place than I am now.  My husband and I are so much in love now and we have been blessed with a healthy and handsome son.

We started seeing Carol prior to our marriage.  As a matter of fact, my husband and I had just starting seeing each other again after a six-month break up.  I was not in the mindset of re-entering a relationship.  I was fully career driven and did not want any distractions.   He suggested we go to a counselor to resolve our issues.   I remember Carol came in on a holiday because we had a huge blow-up and many lies had surfaced.  Time was never an issue with Carol.  She kept us in her office until issues were resolved and we had a plan for when we went home.

Although we had a lot of mistrust in our relationship, Carol taught us how to trust and love again.  She helped bring that powerful spark we had lost in our relationship.  And now we are married and have a beautiful son.  We are so blessed!
We always say…had it not been for Carol…we wouldn’t be married.   And I really believe that.  I would have walked away from the relationship and been wondering later “what if”.

Carol is a God sent blessing to us and we are forever grateful!

Patient DM

Met Carol at one of the lowest points in my life–June 2010. I was a shattered sorry man struggling to rekindle the flame I had with the woman of my dreams. A flame extinguished by my infidelities, lies and lack of self-respect. After a month of trying to reconcile our difference, we decided to seek out a relationship counselor. A friend referred us to Carol. I have to admit. I was apprehensive at first. How could a woman possibly be objective and understand my point of view? How could a total and complete stranger help our situation? My concerns were quickly thrown by the wayside. Carol is a great listener. She has a knack for understanding the obscure. Even when I had a hard time explaining myself she captured my thoughts.  More importantly, she easily relayed them to my ex so she could understand me. That made all the difference. When things got heated at home, Carol was just a phone call away; even making room in her hectic schedule for us to setup last second appointments. There were times we’d visit her and not talk about our relationship at all. We’d joke or debated current events. She became our friend.

Now more than two years later, I’m happily married to the woman of my dreams. We also have a beautiful son. Our relationship couldn’t be stronger. Carol taught us how to properly communicate with one another; to express ourselves rather than hold our tongue. Her tips made us far better problem solvers.

Today, I’m the happiest man I know. As my wife says “Carol deserves all the credit for making us work.” I couldn’t agree more… Life couldn’t be better.

Patient Q